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Pastor's Perspective

May 2016


    The images of the Holy Spirit found in the Bible are many and varied. The Spirit is understood as a source of awesome power which can understandably evoke fear and trembling among those who encounter its movement. We hear of the Spirit as fire, a strong wind, fierce and all consuming flame, or experience it in a bush ablaze but not consumed. Biblical story tells us of the Spirit which hovers, vibrates, over the dark, watery abyss and becomes living Word and the power which brings forth all creation. The narrative of Scripture also reveals the Holy Spirit as gentle power, a “still small voice,” or its subtle presence in the moment of conception with Mary as her child Jesus receives the spark of life. And there are other images and visions of the Holy Spirit presented in Scripture beyond the few I've chosen. The point is, there is no single, solitary defining image or vision of the Holy Spirit found in the Bible. And when we consider the presence and movement of the Holy Spirit that's exactly as it should be.


    The Holy Spirit is not contained. That may actually be a very difficult concept to wrap one's head around. Spirit of God, it is something which is unbounded, unconstrained, moving and revealing itself as it chooses. Still, that does sound a lot like God's self given name to Moses when he asks for a name at the burning bush. Recall, God says God's name is “I WILL CAUSE WHAT I WILL CAUSE” (my translation from the Hebrew text). The Holy Spirit interrupts what is experienced as the set course of human events in a manner that alters life, in previously unimaginable ways, to bring new life.


    This month we step into the experience of Spirit as we remember its power on Pentecost Sunday, May 15. The Spirit reshapes a covenant people from a very small band of banished, misunderstood, malcontents and inept followers of Jesus into the wellspring and foundation of the church. This all occurs in a most surprising and unexpected fashion. I have little doubt that none present on that morning anticipated what was about to occur. The Spirit took life as the disciples understood it and turned it on its head. The world was never the same again. What a surprise it must have been to encounter this moment as one with Christ and one with the world.


Are you willing to be surprised?



Pastor Mike




Genesis 1:2 describes a state of dynamic disorder poised for the in-breaking of order. With God's

breath suspended over the dark, turbid waters, the stage is now set for a dramatically creative act, a

cosmic blast of light.


Sacred Sense: Discovering the Wonder of God's Word and World

William P. Brown







May 1-Head Usher-Dale Kahla

Ushers-Ken & Susan Gale, Nancy & Gary Hall

May 8-Head Usher-Clint Philson

Ushers-Ann Philson, Chris & Jen Coffman, Lorna Cleland

May 15-Head Usher-Cindy Naber

Ushers-Chris Tietmeyer, Dawson Tietmeyer, Gale & Karen Barnhill

May22-Head Usher-Jack Garner

Ushers-Rick & Kim Garner, Shannon Nolan, Nita Workman

May 29-Head Usher-Dale Niemann

Ushers-Beth Niemann, Steve & Cindi Nickel, Gregg Heiden





May 1      Rory Huber

May 8      Camille Erdman               

May 15     Emma Nolan

May 22     Skylar Huber

May 29     Elizabeth Beauchamp          







May 1      Donn Atchison     


May 8      Susan Gale  (WA)


May 15    Ann Eddy


May 22    Nancy Walford


May 29    B.J. Sievers






May 1      Dorothy Fisbeck


May 8      Nancy Hall


May 15    Lorna Cleland


May 22    Ann Philson


May29     Karen Bergen







May 1      Shannon Nolan


May 8      Gale Barnhill


May 15     Connor Nolan


May 22     Caryn Eickhoff


May 29     Nancy Quiring








May 1     East-Dale Olson, Kitchen-Nancy Walford, West-Lori Heser




May 8     East-Karl Sherman, Kitchen-Jason Sherman West-Steve Sherman




May 15   East-Ann Eddy, Kitchen-Stan Jensen, West-Roger Maneely



May 22  East-Orville Davidson, Kitchen-Sharon Davidson, West-Jim Stansberry


May 29  East-Charleen Kimberly, Kitchen-Nancy Quiring, West-Doris Moses







May 1

Greg Bergen


Orville Davidson


Tommy Toms


Ken Gale


Gary Hall


Karen Bergen


Lynda Zieg


Cindy Naber


Lorna Cleland


Jim Barr








May 1  Merle Ehlers


May 8  Judy Maneely


May 15  Cindy Naber


May 22   Charleen Kimberly          


May 29    Merle Ehlers