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Pastor's Perspective

June 2016


There are startling revelations Jesus makes about himself and about who we are in the Bible. I say startling because they are, often, paid little notice. I believe they are often ignored because these passage change the manner we approach God, the Christ, church and the Holy Spirit. One such scripture is Luke 17:21, when Jesus said “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Some translations stretch the original Greek words and render this phrase “the Kingdom of God is in your midst.” But that’s inaccurate and frankly, in the final analysis, it makes little difference in the meaning and intent. Jesus is telling us if we want to experience the Kingdom of God we need look no further than deeply within our very being.


This is consistent with Jesus’ ministry on earth. He empowered his disciples to do all the work and ministry he was doing. He even promised that when he left the Spirit would come and the disciples would do even greater things. What this means is that Christ is alive and present within each human being. God in Christ isn’t “out there” somewhere waiting for us to say or do the right things so, maybe, Christ will enter our lives and offer us some sort of favor. No, the Kingdom is carried within everyone! And that changes everything!


Walls crumble, separation between peoples and nations cease to exist. There are no insiders and outsiders if the Kingdom of God is alive within us. Further, when you look at this text the Kingdom of God isn’t within because we invited it inside us. It’s there because God grants all of humanity this amazing and precious gift. Granted, we most often cover up the Kingdom of God within with the rubble of idolatry, self-centeredness, and distorted self-serving images of the Kingdom. Still, that changes nothing. Beneath it all the Kingdom is alive and present.


Consider this in your life. Are you seeking the Kingdom beyond yourself? Are you looking for it by searching for external ways to be happy and satisfied? Do you understand the Christ as living Spirit within you or have you distorted this image of Christ to become more of a cosmic superhero? You are a child of grace. The Kingdom of God is within each of you. Now, take the time to seek it.



Pastor Mike








He (Jesus) is not talking about a place or an afterlife, but a way of seeing and thinking now.   The kingdom of God is the naked now – the world without human kingdoms, ethnic communities or social identifications.  That is about as subversive and universalist as you can get.  But don’t think about that too much; it will surely change your politics and your pocketbook.

How different this is from our later notion of salvation, which pushed the entire issue into the future and largely became a reward and punishment system.  How different from Jesus’ ‘the kingdom of heaven is in your midst” (Luke 17:21) or Paul’s “Now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).  Healthy religion is always about seeing and knowing something now, which demands a transformation of consciousness on my part today, not moral gymnastics or heroic will power to earn a prize later.

Richard Rohr/The Naked Now







The Office of the General Assembly recently reminded us of the importance of per capita funding as Presbyterians are connected in many ways, including our church government. Per capita dollars pay the costs of holding a General Assembly—including paying for travel, room and board of commissioners and advisory delegates, several of whom would not be able to afford these expenses on their own. Per capita makes it possible for Presbyterians to govern ourselves the way we do and makes it possible for us to maintain our historical awareness. The Presbyterian Historical Society is our national archives and historical research center. It collects, preserves, and shares the history of the American Presbyterian and Reformed tradition.

This year the per capita assessment is $38 per enrolled member. Our congregation includes 305 enrolled members therefore our per capita is $11,590 for First Presbyterian Church of York, Nebraska. Some congregations have chosen to bill each member individually for this charge. Our congregation has often paid the assessment from church pledges and mission but also sought additional contributions from our membership to help provide for per capita. With that in mind, the Stewardship Committee urges those who feel able to do so to make this additional contribution.






June 5-Head Usher-Greg Bergen

Ushers-Chris Tietmeyer, Lynda Zieg, Judy Maneely & Sue Hodge

June 12-Head Usher-Dale Olson

Ushers-Nancy Walford, Charleen Kimberly, Jerry Waggoner & Ann Eddy

June 19-Head Usher-Jim Barr

Ushers-Orville & Sharon Davidson, Stanley Jensen & Caryn Eickhoff

June 26-Head Usher-Tommy Toms

Ushers-Paul Toms, Karl Sherman, Billy Downer, Susan Beauchamp





June 5      Emma Nolan

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June 5      Nancy Quiring


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June 19    Nancy Quiring


June 26    Paul Holmes








June 5     East-Beth Niemann, Kitchen-Gen Johnson West-Dale Niemann




June 12    East-Jim Stansberry, Kitchen-Ann Eddy, West-Jack Garner




June 19   East-Ann Kirkpatrick, Kitchen-Charleen Kimberly, West-Caryn Eickhoff



June 26    East-Jim Barr, Kitchen-Susan Beauchamp, West-Nita Workman







June 5

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The child we have supported this past year in the Embrace program is no longer with the program; however, we have been assigned a new child, Josue’ Jeremias Ramirez Mendoza. Josue’ is 9 years old, his height is 4’2”, he weighs 51.2 lbs. and he is in first grade. His father is a pastor with Servant Ministries and his mother is a housewife. There are five children in the family ranging in ages from 9 to 2. The family lives in a borrowed house with one room, a tin roof, mud walls and a dirt floor. They use candles for light, but they do have an outhouse and water. A picture of Josue’ is displayed on the Mission bulletin board.




“Lord Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace” is the theme of the meeting that will take place June 15-17, 2016 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Interesting programs and activities are planned. Several women from our church are attending and they would welcome other women to join them. Contact a member of the Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women for more information.